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Watch in awe as doubt creeps

witness movement that defies gravity, ability, strength, flexibility

Think, no, not, negative- all in the working of fear

aging joints, thinning bones, aching muscles

loss that comes with earth decades

And yet, you defy it all

Defy the age that is your passport stamp

on to your next destination

who knew that landscape could be viewed from a vastly different perspective

One where you flip, turn, twist

Into shapes meant for youth

Aging is a challenging process

You begin to feel the creaks

You always were against the status quo

face the doubt demon

Stand with weapon of try in one hand, shield of hope across your body

don’t compare, look around

look within

See the fighter that has never quieted

Allow her to roar for a day, or two, or three

Stronger now than you ever were

Never underestimate the fire that may look like it is dying

It can bring down a house

A forest

A city

It can bring down your fear