“The rockstar among the yogis! Chris is the embodiment of energy and motivation, you have to rock-n-roll very hard through the class, but you realize you have used all your energy just when the practice is done. And when you can’t do the handstand… Chris just lifts you into it with one hand. Thank you for kicking ass!”  ~ Karolina B.  Tuebingen, Germany

“Maya is my absolute favorite yoga teacher!  She challenges me, teaches me, and helps me reach new levels in my practice.  Best of all, she does it with love and lots of laughter.”

~ John C.  Albuquerque, NM

“I found that yoga was  the missing piece from the decades of competitive running. Since starting “the practice” my injuries have healed, my flexibility and strength have improved AND I think it makes me a better person all thanks to Chris!”

~ Carey, Albuquerque, NM

“Maya Devi Georg was my first yoga instructor and my motivational fire to become a yoga instructor. At the university and studio level she taught the essentials of balance and relaxation while enforcing the necessity of flexibility and strength in the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies. Within a year of studying with her I was stronger, more flexible, healthier, and devoted to my personal path through yoga.  I soon joined a program at her studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico to become a yoga teacher. We learned asana inside and out; with in depth research on the anatomical and energetic effects, contraindications, as well as practiced hands on and verbal corrections.  We studied pranayama, shatkarmas, meditation practices, and we learned how to teach them with discretion. She taught us a basic understanding Vedic philosophy, Jyotish astrology, Sanskrit, Ayruvedic wellness and much more. To be completely honest, these explanations of her classes and teacher trainings fall short of all that can be learned from this spectacular woman.  Maya Devi Georg once told me that, “Any teacher should be able to learn as much from their students as their students can learn from them.” This quote, along with many others, and the vast amount of knowledge that she has shared with me, has shaped who I am today. She does not simply educate teachers or teach yoga; she learns as much from you and about you as she can so that she can help you find your path as a student, teacher, yogi, and human being.”

~ Margaret N. Albuquerque, NM

“I have been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and Chris’ classes continue to bring a freshness and growth to my practice. His adjustments during class have helped me to rework my postures to find better alignment and new edges. His discussion of the poses allows me to rediscover and play with them – such as envisioning my “brave heart” expanding in Warrior One. And his adjustments in Shavasana have gotten me into a fabulously deep and content relaxation.”

~ Maren, Albuquerque, NM

“Maya brings an honesty and playfulness to her yoga classes that feels like a breath of fresh air. Her experience allows to her to easily tailor a class to the students, and her honesty and openness moves you to put yourself into the class.”

~ Lisa W.  Germany

“I Love Chris’ class, it is intense and powerful and deep in yoga mind!  Since I went to his classes my body opened more and more, thank you so much!!!  ~ Dorothea, Tuebingen, Germany

“Λοιπον για μενα το μαθημα ήταν διασκεδαστικό και με προκαλεσε να δοκιμάσω πολλες νέες ασάνες που μου φανικαν παρα πολυ ενδιαφέρον!!! Με λίγα λόγια μου άρεσε παρα πολυ και θα ήθελα να παρακολουθήσω κι αλλο σίγουρα γιατι μέσα απο αυτό μου δόθηκε η ευκαιρία να ανακαλύψω κάτι καινούριο.”

~ Katerina, Athens, Greece

“Chris is in tune with the energy of the class and adjusts the practice accordingly. His hands on adjustments provide the perfect tactile support for my joints and muscles. I was sufficiently exhausted and rejuvenated by the end of the class!”

~Marnie, Albuquerque, NM

“Το μαθημα με τον Chris και την Maya ηταν μια πολυ ομορφη , δυνατη, βημα προς βημα (αλλα χωρις να υστερει στο ελαχιστο σε ροη και ενεργεια) ευθυμη και με αγαπη απο την καρδια και την ψυχη εμπειρια. Ειχα την ευκαιρια να βιωσω νεες αντιληψεις για την δικη μου πρακτικη, πραγματικα χρησιμες προσαρμογες, και μια λεπτη αισθηση φροντιδας και υποστηριξης με πολλους τροπους. Ευχαριστουμε πολυ!”

~ Stella,  Chania, Greece

“In seiner Klasse werden so viele verschiedene Aspekte vereint: Zum Einen körperliche Anstrengung: Der Fluss („Flow“) durch Sequenzen plus das Halten von tiefen Asanas bringen mich oft zum Schwitzen . Der Ablauf der Stunde ist steigernd und gibt aber oft zum richtigen Zeitpunkt wieder eine kurze Pause um noch einmal Kräfte zu sammeln. Er unterstützt einen immer wieder, korrigierst Asanas um dadurch mehr Weite für den Atem zu schaffen und in tiefere Positionen zu gelangen. Ich liebe das Tempo seiner Klassen: Man hat nicht das Gefühl nicht mitzukommen, aber man „steht“ auch nicht. Man hat immer das Gefühl gut aufgehoben zu sein, was natürlich an deinem wahnsinnig großen Wissen über Yoga liegt. Highlight seiner Klassen sind die Armbalancen, weil er einfach so viele verschiedene kennst und sie unter seiner Anleitung (zumindest bei mir) am besten klappen. Es wird so oft gelacht, was aber super ist, weil sich dadurch Kopf und Körper „entstressen“ und einem viel mehr gelingt. Zum Schluss will ich noch seine herzliche Art hervorheben: man kann sich auch außerhalb der Klasse unterhalten und er (und Maya) seid wirklich unglaublich liebe Menschen, deren Klasse es sich absolut lohnt zu besuchen. Sie ist unvergleichbar und gehört absolut zu meinen Lieblingsklassen!”

~ Kathrin, Germany

“I love taking class with Chris. He is able to give me a truly centering experience while keeping me laughing through most of my class. I have never laughed so much while sweating myself into unity.  Chris knows what vinyasa means. I always leave his class smiling, spent, and loving life.”

~ Josh, Albuquerque, NM

“Many people experience the emotion of being self conscience whenever they try something new. Prior to walking into my first yoga class I was nervous and afraid I would not be able to perform any of the yoga possess.  As I walked into class Maya was welcoming and friendly. Her charisma and sense of humor made me feel comfortable and the new student angst as well as my uncertainty vanished. Maya Georg paid attention to each student’s practice. Through observations she gauged our strengths and weaknesses. Classes were instructed in such a fashion to improve areas of weakness as well as challenge our strengths. One important facet I learned from her was “Even if I hold a pose for one second I held the pose and that is what matters.” In order to improve I was provided with feedback. Specific poses were recommended for either strengthening or increasing flexibility. I greatly appreciated her insight and I know it assisted with furthering my practice.  Following Maya’s departure her teaching methods remained with me and assisted with forming as well as advancing my private practice. It has been well over a year since I attended one of her classes but I continue to follow her teachings and my practice improves as a result of being one of her students. Maya set the bar high for yoga instructors and I have been unsuccessful while searching for yoga teachers who possess the same yogic principles and experience as her. I do not think I will find an instructor who is in league with her.”

~ Diego B., Sacramento, CA

“Θεωρώ  σαν εκπαιδευτής  ήσουν πολύ καλός, σαφής, κατανοητός  και γνωρίζεις το αντικείμενο που διδάσκεις πολύ καλά. Παρουσίασες το πρόγραμμά σου με οργανωμένο τρόπο, κέντρισες το ενδιαφέρον μου, ήσουν προσεγγίσιμος. Η σχέση που διαμορφώθηκε  μεταξύ όλων μας  στο σεμινάριο εξαιρετική. Έδειχνες ενδιαφέρον για την πρόοδο μας ,μας σεβόσουν, δεχόσουν και απαντούσες σε απορίες και ερωτήσεις . Έδειξες ευρηματικότητα και ευελιξία στο χειρισμό του τμήματος κατά την εκπαιδευτική διαδικασία.

~ Lena, Chania, Greece

“Chris ist ein sehr lustiger, einfühlsamer Yogalehrer. Sein Stil vermittelt mit Leichtigkeit die schwersten Asanas. Im Unterricht hatten wir neben der Anstrengung sehr viel zu lachen. Ein wundervoller Lehrer, der mit Herz Yoga unterrichtet. Vielen lieben Dank das ich das erleben durfte!”

~ Sandra, Passau, Germany

“I am a longterm Yoga student of Maya’s and have been lucky enough to experience her teachings over the last six years. She has a wealth of knowledge to offer and an extensive amount of experience in teaching.”

~ Leia H. Santa Fe, NM

“After losing 2 of my favorite yogis & trying countless others, I was grateful for the day Chris subbed for a class! His positive energy & hilarious banter gave me the courage to try poses I never thought I could do! Thank you Chris, for being not only a wonderful teacher but a good human being!”

~ Steph T, Albuquerque, NM

“I had a workshop with Maya Devi in September in Athens. When I got at the studio I was full of stress and negative thoughts since I hadn’t practiced yoga since March and I was recovering from an operation. The class was indeed challenging, however Maya Devi was very supportive and helpful, she was 100% present and spread a positive energy with her sense of humor and her good mood. The three hours passed really quickly and the effects of the workout on my body were amazing. One of the things that really touched me is her phrase that “yoga is more than asanas” which shows how profound and serious she is on what she does. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to practice yoga with an experienced and spiritual teacher.”

~ Rania K. Athens, Greece

“I’ve been in Albuquerque a little over three years and its taken me about that long to find a yoga home. Chris, his lively and caring Ashtanga-style, and his wise and gentle adjustments (with words and hands) really offered me a place to start cultivating that home. I’ve been practicing off and on for about nine years total, and Chris is a real rarity when it comes to instructors. I never laugh so hard while still feeling so much grounded energy as I do in one of his classes. It’s a real joy and honor to practice with him.”

~Stephanie, Albuquerque, NM

“The bottom line is that Maya’s classes advanced my practice rapidly, both in terms of the asanas that I learned and went further into, and in terms of my ability to use them to get further into the meditative part of my practice. That’s because she’s incredibly knowledgeable and has the ability to teach what she knows (it helps if throughout her classes you’re willing to try things you wouldn’t have imagined trying 5 minutes earlier – she’ll encourage you, albeit often profanely, and make sure you’re safe). The frosting on the cake is that Maya’s classes are one of the funnest things you can do with your clothes on. An absolute blast. If you’ve taken yoga classes where everyone speaks in hushed tones with much sanctity implied, this is the opposite. Straightforward instruction delivered with much less than a minimum of reverence (despite that Maya is about as serious about her yoga as anyone I know).”

~ Glenn Eli B. ABQ, NM

“Chris is a generous teacher who brings very much care, knowledge and understanding to teching for his students.  He honors every student and fosters wise yoga practice. He makes class fun with humor and his positive personality.  As a  teacher, I appreciate him for all I can learn and his hands-on adjustments that are gentle and highly effective.”

~ Christina, Albuquerque, NM

“Chris brings a fine balance of laughter and yogic knowledge to his classes leaving everyone feel lighter and brighter.”

~ Sarah, Albuquerque, NM

“Maya Georg is amazing. I wouldn’t have a practice without her guidance. She has an uncanny ability to see past her students’ own inhibitions and preconceptions of their limitations and pushes them to the next level. It may not be comfortable on the ego, but the playoff is always worth it. Every time. Before I had the privilege of being her student, I couldn’t even sit cross legged. That was the easy part. The oceans of depth she has added to my practice have not only given me a lifetime of challenges to face, but the means and resolve to meet them headlong. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.”

~ James Edward K. ABQ, NM

“I love how completely Chris meets me where I am.   To be adjusted is a true art form and with him I feel like I can melt into the pose in complete trust.  Truly a full experience!”

~ Chery, Albuquerque, NM

“Chris teaches an awesome Vinyasa class. He provides very clear instructions and it has a super flow to it.  He also does hands on adjustments which make you feel just fabulous in your pose.  These assists are gentle and it makes you feel more AHHHH in your asana!  Now, who doesn’t want that?”

~Patrice, Incline Village, NV

“I had not taken Yoga for over 15 years due to a shattering of my shoulder cuff which decreased the mobility in my left arm.   Chris customized a private session for me at my home which encouraged me to join his Tuesday class.  Chris works with you exactly where you are  and he is very knowledgable, supportive and encouraging. You will have a different relationship with your body as a result.”

~Mollieo, Albuquerque, NM

“I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Maya in Greece last month. She is a great teacher, has the ability to gently take the student to the next level. Thank you Maya! I hope to have more practice under your guidance.”

~ Iro S. Athens, Greece