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Hobbies are how we pass the time, but they are also reflections of who we are, how we see the world, and who we want to share all of that with.

There are as many hobbies as there are personalities, but certain personalities are attracted to certain hobbies, and since I love classifying everything around me I have  condensed both down to just four types.

The Doers
They do yoga, climb mountains, run, hike, garden, and cycle. They go outside, to gyms and studios, and do the things they love. They are the most fit of the hobbyists, and they are also the most social and extroverted of the hobbyists – maybe it’s all the endorphins, or maybe it’s the melatonin and vitamin D. But they literally put themselves out into the world and become a part of their communities.

Cost: High initial investment (to buy their shoes, or bicycles, or gym memberships) but overall, this is the lowest cost hobby, mostly because of all the money they save in medical costs.

A Cyclist & Crocheter Combining Their 2 Hobbies

The Makers
These are the crafters and artists, the writers and painters and knitters. They have creative souls full of ideas and visions that they are compelled to share with the world. They make things, and when they are not making things, they are thinking about making their next thing.

They are usually the most introverted of the hobbyists, as they tend to disappear into their projects. But their friends are always understanding as they get many of the fruits of their often absent friends labor.

Cost: Low initial investment, but depending on the medium, time invested, and personal OCD levels, may lead to high cost projects.

The Collectors
This is part hobby, part sacred quest. Be it antique typewriters, rare vinyl, Polish ceramics, or shoes, these folks are on the hunt to find that which eludes them. Many stalk online to find those rare or desirable collectibles, while others travel across oceans. But they all take great joy in acquiring and displaying the fruits of their hobby.

Collectors tend to have smaller social circles filled with other people that share their passion. They straddle being both introverted and extraverted – acquiring and exhibiting items require communities. These communities vary in size, but are based on trading items and sharing information on available objects.

Cost: High – it’s essentially shopping.

The Trolls
They don’t do anything nor do they make anything. However, they do collect online outrage, offense, and hurt feelings. They don’t go out much or have many friends. Psychological studies have found them to be narcissists, psychopaths, and sadists, but we already knew that.

What they do best is highjack other people’s work, essentially urinating on the Doers, Makers, and Collectors efforts. Their goal is to generally abuse, harass, and make the world a worse place to live.

Cost: Their soul.

Everyone is unique.

Some people have no hobbies because their work or families fulfill their needs or take up all their time. Some may have a hobby the does not fit into any of these four classifications (i.e., my hobby of classifying.) Some are a mix of two or more of these (I also do yoga, cycle, crochet obsessively, and make soaps and lotions – a Doer & a Maker.) But finding our types of interests can help us find our tribes, and introverts and extroverts alike need and benefit from the company of like-minded people.

Except for Trolls. Trolls suck.