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The corona virus is teaching me a lot about people.

Which ones are kind and caring, and which ones are callous and cruel. Which ones have empathy, and which ones only think of themselves. Which ones seek solace in cynicism and trying to feel superior, and which ones are able to accept facts with a clear eye and make wise decisions.

Which ones would deny their neighbor the ability to buy basic supplies so they can maintain a full cupboard at home. And which ones just take enough to get by so others can as well. Which ones realize that most of us will not be in any great danger from the virus but accept the discomfort and do what must be done to protect the most vulnerable among us. And, sadly, which ones don’t.

If we aren’t careful, the thin veneer of civilization will come off. What Hannah Arendt described as the “Banality of Evil” is what awaits if we don’t hold onto our humanity and live the values we claim to hold so dear. Its time to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

If you ever wondered when in your life you will be called on to be your best self – this is it. If you’ve already been called on before to be your best self, be glad you have the practice. Now please set the example for others on how to have the courage, compassion, and calmness to help everyone in your community get through this. This is a “we” thing, not a “me” thing.

We need social distancing for our own safety, but we need social solidarity for our salvation.